February 23, 2010

Dialing 1

Some of you received a phone call last night from Claire, as she was completing a survey for her homework. She asked simple questions like, "Did you eat breakfast today?" and "Did you read a book during the last month?" While she was debating and deciding whom to call, I looked up the participants' phone numbers. I coached her just a bit on how to tell her participants what she was doing. Then I gave her everyone's phone numbers, instructing her on how to dial with my phone. One of the things I said was that she didn't need to worry about dialing 1. Claire questioned, "What do you mean I don't have to worry about dialing 1?"

"Uh, oh, don't worry about it. Never mind," I said. Mr. Morgan and I enjoyed a chuckle, reminiscing about days of home phones and long-distance charges. We laughed at how we'd turned into our parents, talking about "the way things were in our day."

Confused, Claire asked, "What's so funny?"

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