June 8, 2012

Some New Things

Here's a list (I'm a fan of them) explaining some new advances, new realizations, and new occurrences in the last few days and weeks.
  1. Collier is "walking" now. He's been standing up from a sitting position for a few weeks, but this week he started taking steps on his own with no encouragement. Sometimes his little expression when he's walking on his own says, "Yes, I can do this...that's it...steady." I think the most steps he's taken in a row is probably five, but it's still a surprise when he comes walking in from the next room.
  2. Hamilton started putting an "s" at the beginning of some words. Instead of "why you 'pank me?" this week, a few times he said "don't spank me" as he shook his head. Yes, we've had lots of spankings this week. Most times Hamilton still calls it a "'panking 'tick"--an old paint stirrer. Part of me is happy he seems to be outgrowing the no-"s" way of speaking, but it's also really cute and fun to hear.
  3. I survived my first week of summer with all three kids at home all day every day. We planned several playdates, visited the library, and hung out at the pool yesterday. It's been a long week, so I'm rewarding myself with a date night on Saturday with Mr. Morgan. I'm planning for us to see Snow White and the Huntsman. He's been talking about seeing the other Charlize Theron movie.
  4. Claire has embraced her "teenage summer" by sleeping in late, losing herself in a book series, and seeing her neighborhood friends. She has still managed to be helpful to me most days, and Mr. Morgan has her cutting the grass as part of her chores.
  5. I've been sent almost a dozen hacked/spammer emails from three different friends whose Yahoo accounts have been compromised. Two things: I'm thankful I use Gmail, and Yahoo email sucks.
  6. I've also decided that voicemails stress me out. To have a voicemail waiting on me makes me feel like a failure--I've failed to answer the ringing phone in time, I've failed to click over fast enough from my previous call, I've failed to hear my phone ring or turn the ringer on, I've failed to give the caller enough information previously such that an interrupting phone call is necessary, etc. Emails sitting in my Inbox and text messages waiting to be read do not have the same effect. Why is that?

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