June 7, 2012

A Day at the Beach

If you've ever described something as "a day at the beach" and meant that something was easy or relaxing, then you weren't talking about spending a day at the beach with little kids. Mimi came for a short visit, so we spent Friday at the beach with the kids. Since Travis was also in town with Cheri for a wedding and festivities, he got to come along as well. Taking the boys to the beach is a big job, but they do love it--and they look so cute in the sand (even Hamilton's ghostly shade thanks to sunscreen).
Sharing toys at the beach was just as difficult as sharing at home. Also at home, we keep Collier's pacifier in at times to keep his drooling in check, but at the beach we kept his pacifier in to discourage sand from going in by the shovelful.
Hamilton splashed in the shallow water, and he loved seeing the kite-boarder just beyond the swimming area.
Claire's half day of school meant we arrived later, but she made up for lost time by searching for shells nearly the whole time.
After lunch and more beach play, Collier was zonked. Mimi rolled him a bit in the stroller where he promptly fell asleep.
We propped him up as best we could in the shade, but the poor dear was so sandy and sticky from salt water that he didn't sleep long.

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