February 13, 2012

Monkey Bars, Haircuts, and Lobsters

We had a gloriously low-key weekend, so Saturday we took the kids to the park. Once we arrived, I realized Hamilton's outfit matched the playground equipment. He didn't quite get the concept of the monkey bars, so he started doing pull-ups.
The brisk, dry day led to some crazy static in Hamilton's hair--amplified by his need for a haircut.
We cheated Collier out of a nap by dragging him from the house midmorning on such a cold day, so he just chilled in his stroller and kept Fatty company while we played.
Hamilton loved the slide. He and Mr. Morgan spent lots of time sending Hamilton's little car up and down the slide.
After our playing at the park, we dropped by the Kochs' house because we were close. Mr. Morgan commented how fun it was to have time to drop by our friends' house on a weekend. They have a dedicated train table at their house, so Hamilton was content to play for hours. So we stayed through lunch and a glass of Reisling.

On Sunday I did cut Hamilton's hair, though he wasn't thrilled about it. We plopped him in front of his new favorite Thomas video, promised him gummies as a treat for sitting through the haircut, and started at the back of his head with the shearing. Mr. Morgan calls this expression the "Taylor face" because I occasionally make this face too. Actually as a kid, I used to make fun of Travis for making this face; he did it all the time!
I'm always amazed at how long I'll let his hair get before making myself cut it. I'll post an "after" picture soon. It's a vast improvement over the Beiber shag he had.
Mr. Morgan is studying for an upcoming certification test, so after the haircut I took the boys on a walk through the neighborhood, giving him study time. The day before we'd seen this vehicle on our afternoon stroll to which Hamilton remarked, "I luff this van!" After my posting of this picture on Facebook got lots of love (and an uncredited reposting by a high school friend), I thought I'd share the picture and Hamilton's cute comment with my readers.
He's been "luffing" loads of things lately. In the grocery store today, he was excited to pass the live lobster tank. I informed him, "Those are lobsters, Hamilton."

He replied, "I luff lobsters."

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